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Naturally, having an efficient braking system is paramount to achieving safe braking distances.

Symptoms one might experience if their automobile needs brakes?

  • The brakes may pull when applying the brake pedal.
  • The wheels may be coated with brake dust.
  • The brakes may make a grinding sound.

Common services one might need if their vehicle is in need of this service

  • The brake pads and shoes may be replaced
  • The rotors and drums may need resurfaced and or replaced depending on condition
  • The hydraulics may need serviced such as calipers, hoses, and wheel cylinders
  • The brake system may need to be bleed to remove air
  • The ABS system may also need to be worked on during brake service

We can fit a variety of quality braking components including Mintex, Pagid , Bosch, Brembo or ATE. If you need only brake pads or a full brake inspection, please contact us for a competitive quote.