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Air Conditioning

Most modern cars have air conditioning fitted as standard and all AC systems require servicing every 2 years. It is a well-known fact that using your AC during winter months can be the fastest way to demist your screen so therefore it is important to have system working well all year round.

At Crawley Autofit we have fully trained and accredited technicians. We have been involved in automotive Air conditioning for many years and are very experienced in fault finding and leak detection.

We offer a re-gas service of both R134A (fitted on cars up to approx. 2014) and also the latest R1234YF fitted to vehicles manufactured after 2014 although there are exceptions to this.

Our anti-bacterial treatment is a great add on to sanitize your evaporator and get rid of the stale musty smells.

    Common AC system symptoms:

  • Inefficient cooling inside the car
  • Odd smells (musty) inside your vehicle
  • Your windscreen doesn’t clear properly

    Common faults:

  • Low gas quantity / pressure
  • Leak in system
  • Faulty AC compressor
  • Faulty cooling fan causing over pressure
  • Clogged or blocked condenser
  • Receiver/drier full

Our re-gas service is carried out using the latest in air con machine technology made by TEXA. These machines are fully automated and will automatically recycle any existing gas in the system and then draw the system into a vacuum before checking for leaks and only then putting oil and the appropriate quantity of gas back into the system.

We offer fixed price cleanse & regas on most of the cars and light commercials.

R134A    Only £60.00  ( Old Gas Including VAT )

R1234YF  ( New Gas Including VAT )  Only £120 for systems up to 500 grams

Anti-bacterial treatment £30.00





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